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  1. S13 parts galore

    PM'd, keen to pick up a pair of guards.
  2. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    All done, a bit loud but least it's "done" time to do sprints.
  3. Tramlining on the road with 265/35/18 semis

    Yeah fair call, I'll see if I get use to it. Will only be driving to and form QR on them, and occasionally for a random drive. But been thinking I'll chuck on some 245/35/18 RSR's on the front for the time being.
  4. Tramlining on the road with 265/35/18 semis

    What brand in 225/40 would you reccomend? LingLong's or ChingChong's. Which will get me to Downshift faster.
  5. Tramlining on the road with 265/35/18 semis

    @Junny, why the attitude? I didn't spend any money on them so I thought I'd give them a go while they were on the wheel. Don't see what your post has to do with my question. They came with the wheels I bought so decided to run them up the front. 18x9.5 +38 with a 25mm bolt on. So +13
  6. Tramlining on the road with 265/35/18 semis

    Yeah man, I get the concept/how it all happens. Just seeing if there's any way to eliminate it? Or is it because they just grip too much and follow every bump where as normal road tyres would tend to slide around?
  7. Hey guys. Just got the s15 registered on Wednesday. Got 265/35/18 DZ03G semis on the front and 285/30/18 595 EVOs on the rear. Took it around the block (more like a 4km drive) and noticed the steering snapping/acting weird. Thought I had low tyre pressure/something was loose. Jacked it up and looked at everything. Thought it looked fine so took it to an alignment. Was 4mm toe in on each side in the rear. Got that wound out but front seemed fine. 1.5deg camber in the front. So started driving home and it was still happening. It was as if the tyre would grip and a different spot and pull the steering wheel to one side. It was really weird the first few times because it would almost pull me into another lane. Spoke to a few people and they said it's probably tranlinig but I didn't think it would be this aggressive. It's really annoying because all of a sudden you'll have to turn the wheel suddenly to go in the same direction All ball joints are good. Bushes seem fine. Could I eliminate some of this with solid rack bushes? Just trying to minimise this. Will street tyres stop this from happening? Just curious if others have had a similar issue running semis on the street. Was told its normal and you don't really suffer it on the track. Just want to sort it for driving on the road. Peace.
  8. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Bit of an update; Got my bonnet sorted! Will get some good photos of it all in the sun tomorrow. Also got a pair of 18x10.5+15 Kiwami's with a pair of 285/30/18 595 Evo's!
  9. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Bonnet finally rocked up. The bonnet latch needed some persuading.. Will grab some photos when my rear Kiwami's rock up. Probably do some hard parking or whatever the kids do these days. ] Not really 100% hey. Was thinking of buying a head off mazworx that's already machined/assembled, then go from there.
  10. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Spent my night pricing up Mazworx heads, but will need to wait till I have a bit more coin.. But I think I've decided i'm not going to stroke, only bore out to 87mm. Stripped my block so it's ready to get cleaned/bored, get crank checked and polished, and get the oil squirter mounts machined.
  11. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Weds are sold (as of Saturday) So will order 18x10.5+15 Kiwami's on Monday! Also bonnet should rock up next week. Getting there!
  12. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    If I can sell my Weds I might buy another pair for the rear.
  13. Nissan 200sx s14 s1 and s2 ECU

    Same plug, slightly different printout.
  14. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Deal of the day! Scored a set of Cr Kai's pretty cheap. 18x8.5+31 18.9.5+38 Not the sizes I wanted but they had 60% 265/35/18 Dunlop DG03G's, so steerer's are sorted now! Photato
  15. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Yeh man! I always liked a nice clean black. Been sitting in my garage looking sad. Also Origin Bonnet is here next week!