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  1. 180sx cold start problems

    Ohk so if it's a common problem why don't u tell me exactly how to fix it champ ?
  2. 180sx cold start problems

    Thanks for the replies guys I have been told it could b do many things ey! Thinkin of just takin it to an auto elec to have a look at it , it's just weird that when it's warm it starts straight away ! When I find our wat it is I'll let you's know
  3. 180sx cold start problems

    Yeah man that's exactly it lol when it's warm It's fine, yeah find out for me n let me know thanks heaps
  4. Hey guys, I have a 180sx blacktop sr and in the mornings it struggles to start! It cranks and cranks but takes a bit to kick over but when it's warm starts first go! Just wondering of anyone else has had any problems like this or if you know what it may be, any help would be appreciated heaps
  5. T28 differences ?

    I know this has probably been asked a million times on here but can someone please tell me how to pick a T28BB from a plain bearing?? I'm buying one for my 180'but wanna b sure of what I'm buying
  6. Awesome cheers man, gonna order it this week sometime will upload pics and let yas know how it is
  7. Yeah yeah ! I'll take a risk I guess its only $360 haha thanks for your help guys
  8. Best intercooler?

    Have a look on eBay, not sure of the quality but I'm gonna take a punt and go for a kit off there for my 180sx it's about $360.00 posted to my door with absolutely everything you need to install it ! I'm only aiming fr about 250rwkw so hoping it should be fine haha
  9. Ohkay cool, I'm only going for prob a max of 220-250rwkw nothing big really !
  10. New to ns :)

    Hey guys just signed up to the forum, got a 180sx, had it for about 5 weeks now and love it! I put a 3" turbo back exhaust on it on the weekend and finally got that deep sr sound hopefully putting front mount on it this weekend, see how I go, Thought id say hi and introduce myself
  11. Hey guys I have a 180sx with a blacktop sr20det , I just done a full 3" turbo back exhaust and am lookin now at doing a front mount kit! Does anyone know if the cheap kits on eBay are half decent ? I don't wanna buy it and they leak or are just pointless buying! Any help will be good thanks