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  1. yo your the gumtree dude i just gumtreed bout the cover huh?

  2. I have a type x with r32 gtr brembo 4 pot fronts and 2 pot rear. Tried to look on google for skyline offset clearence but can't find definite answers. I am trying to work out what wheel offsets I can run since the brakes are not standard. Wheels I want to know if it will fit are (front)17x8 +15, tyres 215/45r17 work equip 05s and 17x10.5 +15 225/45r17 (rear). Anybody with similar wheel size and offset with same brakes.??
  3. that is the best looking wheel ever!!!! :lol: u can see the top of 2 spokes there, how the hell can u say thats the best looking wheel ever?

    Hey guys, Looking at buying a cusco 2 way rs lsd through private sale. Is there any writing or inscriptions that i should see to tell if genuine? looked on cusco website but doesn't elaborate in any details.. Any knowledge would be much appreciated...