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  1. got defected!, need engineers cert!

    go buy a thick piece of rubber, put it on the battery tray and cut a hole for the cooler pipping, make sure u make it nice and u will be sweet
  2. Advance Tyres 117 Burnley Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121 94287699 wheel alignment + 2nd hand tyres if u have luck thanks nat ~
  3. used tyres

    try ADVANCE TYRES in Richmond 9428 7699, bought 2 dunlop sp sport in 18 there, $50 each fitted + balance
  4. lost both my keys for my 180

    remove the boot lock and bring it to the locksmith
  5. exhaust shop

    BLITZ exhaust next to GKtech in hopper, talk to allan
  6. Bridgestone Adrenalins

    try Advance Tyres at richmond 9428 7699, got mine from there, great service too
  7. need a good wheel repair/paint joint

    Coburg Mag Wheel Polishing & Repair Centre 27 Audrey Ave Coburg 3058 (03) 9354 4641
  8. Bye Bye R32...Hello New Car!

    might come down " one day " to check out your new ride nice choice !!
  9. Bye Bye R32...Hello New Car!

    i am fine lol, do u still go to the monash meet " gerry " ?
  10. Bye Bye R32...Hello New Car!

    how about this
  11. Happy Birthday Kel & Jos!

    happy birthday kel, have a great one ~~
  12. Need pair of SS595s

    try Advance Tyres in Richmond 0421 813 320 or 9428 7699
  13. fixed bucket seat

    hands down for fixed bucket seat in daily .... got a sparco profi which is fixed, hard to get in and off, hurt my back even a 30mins drive, hard to get things in the pocket, sometimes i just don't want to get into my car (like swapping parking spot with my friend), if i have the choice i will get a adjustable one, the only reason that i am using it because i got it cheap ...
  14. Awesome Beatboxing Chef

    is he beardyman???