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  1. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    Thanks - I'll give them a try. Not too many doing SR16VET's. Cheers
  2. sr20 bellhousing and rb25 gearbox

    Still looking for SR bell housing? I can help out and they are at a mates place at Cranbourne.
  3. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    Yeh. I've got a RWD block with Darton Sleeve blanks that I had done years ago but couldn't get my head past the $5-$6K for a billet crank to get the R/S ratio down to around 1.8'ish. So have decided to go SR16 crank instead - nitride and knife edged - with the original 2.11 R/S ratio. Just having problems looking for info on where an SR16VE+T is going to develop it's power. Torque is what I'm worried about - not enough that is. Ideas?
  4. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    Nope. SR16VE crank with 90mm pistons and 144mm rods gives 1748cc and with the CAMS multiplier for turbos of 1.7 gives me a capacity at just under 3000cc. Should turn around 450rwhp @20'ish PSI in a body weighing 900kg. Car will be much more competitive package than the SR20DET turning similar numbers I've got at the moment. Taark's $250 per rod for genuine gave me sufficient incentive to go find the ones that I thought I had. Now looking for competition forged or billet rods once I get past the dummy up stage.
  5. WTB s13 Sr20det crank

    If you're still looking I've to a few. S14, S14 and GTiR. None have been crack tested but in most cases the bearing journals are good.
  6. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    Looking to do a dummy up of an SR16VE+T build onto a RWD block and need one or more SR16VE conrods. If you've done an SR16 to 2 litre conversion you might have these floating around unwanted and looking for a home. Happy to pay for them if you have what I'm after. Gudgeon pins would be good too if you've got them. Not too stressed about the condition of the rod(s). If the dummy up works I'll be using competition rods with a 90mm 10:1 piston. Taark can source genuine but at a per unit cost equivelant to a billet rod I thought I'd try the forums first.
  7. Hey Dude. I know this is an old post but just wondering if you've still got the 6 bolt R180 diff and drive shafts for sale. Pls let me know. cheers
  8. WTB: sr20ve p11 head

    Just sold mine but I do have the lower intake runners if you get stuck.
  9. WTB: VVL CAM tower

    I know it's a long shot but has anyone got a damaged VVL head that they are parting out. Need number two cam tower. Cheers
  10. If this fall through I've got a few but in Melbourne. One is S13 and the other is S15 ( only done 2000km and yes I;ve had it for a long time ) cheers
  11. Dude. Not sure if i replied to this but cost is $3500 which includes a number of cranks that can be machined to suit using the tolerances you require for the application. OR you could buy a stroker kit and have the carton sleeve block machined to 90mm to get a 2.4. Cheers
  12. Got a near new set of Nismo 740cc injectors for sale. Only been used to fire up my project engine and have done less than 1 hour running since new. Comes with modified S15 fuel rail with -8 dual feed and central return. I've also upgraded the seals to viton if you want to run ethanol based fuels. Price: $600 plus shipping.
  13. Sold VVL Head and just looking to clear out the balance of SR stuff I've got left.
  14. Hi All. As the topic says I'm chasing a set of cam buckets for a build I'm doing so if you've got an FJ head you are parting out please let me know, or could be interested in the whole box and dice. thx
  15. Still FS - Willing to separate head - maybe!