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  1. so i had a problem wih my ca18det overheating and ive burst one of the hoses but i cant find which hose it was so ive started to take of the intake manifold but it dosent want to move. ive removed all the bolts and hoses from the top of the upper manifold, does anyone know if there are bolts hidden conecting the upper to the lower. i was hoping to just remove the upper and leave the fuel rail in. ive never dne this before so im stumped ay
  2. Coolant Overflow Tank Is Bone Dry

    the coolant in the radiator probly was low enough for the excess in the overflow to top it up. pour some coolant in the overflow and go for a drive and see if the level drops.
  3. this has happend to me with the bf series boost gauge. has anyone had the same problem and got it to light up
  4. lights problem and power windows

    maybe knocked off a connection somwere have you checked along the necessary wires?
  5. S13 or S15

    Depends what your going to be doing if you were to spend an extra 10grand into a 13 it could be a beast. But if you want nicer so to speak car the 15 might be better for you as there are alot of little things that start to fail because of old age and wear on the 13s
  6. oil all over engine bay.

    Ahhhh stupidly topped up another litre without realizing how much was already in there. Will definitely be the last time. I dumped the oil which was like a black syrup and changed the oil filter which was a *milkshake* to get off and filled her back up. Runs the same only thing is that on idle it revs everynow and again like 300 or so
  7. i thought it was gonna be a sexy car wash
  8. oil all over engine bay.

    yeah shouldnt have said everywhere. half the engine bay from pod filter to the back wall and also the roof of bonnet. checked dip stick once cold and oil level was double full
  9. oil all over engine bay.

    if it has been blow by and thereis no smoke or knock or loss of power, it might not be to bad? will the head be needing to come off you rekon
  10. oil all over engine bay.

    yeah ill have to hook up a compression tester tomoro. seems to be alot of oil in there dont think i put as much as that in but can it come in from other sources. might drain it and top up again to be sure.
  11. well recently i flushed the coolant and topped up the oil( 3 days ago). after work i went to do some skids and when i got home could smell burning oil so popped the bonnet and there was oil everywhere. looks like it has sprayed out of the dip stick hole but not to sure, car wasnt overheating or running any different, throttle from inside the ar no smoke, throttle under the bonnet could not see anymore oil leaving or dripping anyywhere. could this be that i put to much oil in and has been shaken out or you rekon it mihgt be something more severe
  12. Alpine or Pioneer

    ide have to say pioneer for better pricing. ive got pioneer head unit, pioneer 12" and pioneer 4 channel amp about to go in my car then ill have a full pioneer system
  13. only really need one if you have been driving hard but it wouldnt hurt to have one on for 30 secs
  14. 180sx headlight problems

    How do you manually wind the headlights? Mine just stopped popping up, the previous owner did a dodgy job on doing the sleepy eyes so I gotta touch the wires together for them to go up or down
  15. common problems sr20

    cheers for feedback, i actually ended up getting a ca18det. main problem isthat the RPM seems to be about1.5-2k out, its ok on idle thoe so might take it into a shop to get looked at. has anyone ever came across the same problem? pretty sure previous owner has taken off the dash.