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    few years still in progress lol.
  2. Hey having a few troubles with my silvia, that im trying to get back on the road, its been in the shed for about 8months. started every month or so Now ive been working on it pretty heavily to get it back on the road, car was completely gutted since then we have put all the interior back in, and made some changes to make it a bit more legal. (Was working perfectly before i had to derego it.) now when we first started it ran like a dog, we realised the intercooler hose had blown up. fixed that and a boost leak, still ran like crap. Then realised that a boost hose running to the Greddy EBC had come off fixed that. Its running good now, except : 1. I used to run to ~1.1bar and hold all the way to redline, now it only boosts to ~ 0.6bar, then drops to ~0.4bar or so about 1k RMP (@5k RMP) after it hits 0.6bar, what is this due to ? boost leak still ? Boost hose connected wrong way ? its been reset when we pulled the cords out ? 2. on the PowerFC Handcontroller, max Knock reached 11, most i ever saw it at previously is like 3 or 4. Is something wrong ? should i not run my car at all ? Its booked in for a RWC so just incase the guy thrashes it, dont want him to kill my 60xxx km SR engine. Mods are 040, 555cc inj, powerfc, 3"exhaust, Metalcat, GT2876R turbo, greddy EBC, intercooler, We had to pull all the cords out of everything to move them around, could something have been put back wrong ? Previously the car was tuned with a POD, an airbox has since been put in to make it ~legal lol. any help appreciated.
  3. Anyone know where i could get some of those hard/soft knobs that go on the top of coilovers ? (Greddy typeS) i got this electronic unit with the coilovers, but the dude putting them in lost 1. the booklet to install them and then 2. lost the little knobs so i can't change the settings. Cheers
  4. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    love it kurtis your car has changed so much, mine has just been sitting in a shed !! haha goodluck with it in the future, when u in b-town again ? have to catch up or something, i brought a motorbike for my daily!
  5. Another JDM S15

    nice s15, but please don't run positive camber >_>
  6. Anyone seen those videos on youtube of this PUA guy in Sydney?, i remember watching them few months ago, His day game was pretty insane that's my aim, long way to go lol
  7. q. what is this 'line' everyone is talking about ? pm pls shaky do you do 1-4 first? also another good point is to use the imaginary line (however you can get called out on it - [rare]) make sure you don't let them think about it for too long also as they might change their mind before they answer. a good way to recover from a wrong 1-10, is to make fun of them a bit for believing you had psychic skills, ( i usually open 1-4+1-10 by saying "did you know im actually psychic" or something along those lines, not sure if it has been brought up but other good 'gimmicks' are, 5 question game, ring finger routine, the cube, palmistry all are good. But the key is not to rely on this too much, C&F is the best I've just started learning more about text game, honestly so much info out their you could almost make this a full time job lol.
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows exactly how much interior i need to get my car rerego'd, I tried a few times in the legal thread but never got an answer, so thought it might see a bit more airtime here. So yeah its basically all out at the moment (was poo brown) but im replacing it with black, however now that its all out im thinking of keeping it that way just need to know if i need 1. carpet 2. roof liner 3. A pillar plastics. ect. cheers.
  9. The Price of your car...

    this lol, then they go on to say you should have brought something 'good'.. grrr

    f**k off with the lame attempt at free advertising, no-one cares about 'x-customs'
  11. My 1993 Silvia

    specs : 17x7 offset +42 Please god no you have alot to learn check out the wheel thread and do a bit of a search on rims / offset(s)
  12. ballarat is in country vic, about 1.5hrs from Melbourne.
  13. Any suggestions on rims for my s14?

    LM GT4's My personal fav rims, Looking around the 4k mark in decent sizes no tyres lol
  14. Just wondering what people think the aftermarket car parts market is like at the moment ?, Im considering getting a new car, but ill have to strip my current car (modded s13) it has alot of good quality jap parts but I'm worried that due to the way the economy is at the moment it might not be the best time ? That or the way the dollar is jap parts are alot more to import so more people are buying local parts / 2nd hand ?. So what do people think, cheers