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  1. EMZ R33 Updated

    Your wheels sit inside the guards a lot. This makes them look thin (are they thin? Their design is very hektic. They simply dont look like wheels. A wheel has a round lip around the outer edge with spokes from the centre of the wheel to the lip. Yours has weird shapes from the centre of the wheel right to the edge of the rubber. If you took a photo of one of your rims and erased everthing around the metal, and showed to random people, I bet some people would say it looks like an earing or a cufflink stud or something along those lines. They look like jewellry and not a wheel. They are flat. There is no depth to the wheel. It looks like a piece of aluminium has been cut into that shape and stuck onto the side of your steel wheels. A good wheel design allows you to see through the wheel somewhat to see how deep the wheel is - which makes them look tough, or even gives you a feeling of depth on the outer side of the wheel - with wide lips, aka "dish." They're shiny. Unproportionally shiny in comparison to the rest of the car. Once again, they look like some kind of jewellry, and not a rim. Nothing else on your car is that "bright" in the sunlight. If you had candy paint, or paint with a lot of shine to it, that "chrome" effect would suit. But your wheels just stand out too much and dont flow with the rest of the car. Plus with chrome wheels you HAVE to keep them clean ALL of the time, which sucks even more. Too much effort for my liking. Ok, I think I covered just about everything. Colour, Shape, Width and Depth. Hopefully you now understand what most of us consider to be good criteria for selecting a wheel, and the main reasons why most of us dont like the wheels you have chosen for your car. Far out dude.........do you work at a tyre and rim centre!!!! Thanks for the description and the feedback........well i kinda dont know what to say about the details but hey, thanks for taking the time to get it all down. The are 18 X 8 all round, and yeah offset isnt a hige issue, thats easily fixed. In regard to the dish finish you are talking about these rims only came with a dish in 20" and above (mostly suiting SUV's). Ill have to agree with you about the maintenence, but i can tell you my ride shines beautifully when its polished and post a good washin', unfortunetly we have had pretty crappy weather in adelaide of late so its hard to get a wash in that will last more than a few hours!!! Regards EMZ Dude, whats with the negative attitude, get a life and try making your own "Pizza Boy" logo.......gees your lame!!!! EMZ
  2. EMZ R33 Updated

    Hey guys.....WTF, why is everyone giving me shit bout these rims, what in perticular is so wrong bout them. EMZ PS) either way i think they look great
  3. EMZ R33 Updated

    Hi all, ive recently put new rims on my ride and was just wondering what all of ya thought bout them. verde Scorpion is the name and they come in gold and silver inserts in the middle.
  4. sub damaged?

    Another thought, what are you using to power the sub, you might have an incorrect amp power to the sub, too little (RMS amp power) and the amp isnt getting enough power to the sub and causing the distortion you are hearing. OR your amp is too p[werful for the sub and the sub cannot hande to power imput. EMZ
  5. G'day..

    Hey bro, nice ride, very tidy interior, i respect car owners who can make the interior just as nice looking/ tidy as the outside, welcome to the site and happy posting!! EMZ
  6. escort

    Dude are they going to be pics of this escort or do we have to image it..........hope you get some up!!! Prostitute hahahahahahaha, good one 180SX
  7. CA18 vs SR20 vs RB20

    Race Breed 25 all the way, great pullin power and swee response when down-gearing!! RB25 for me!! (but then again im biast i have a R33!!)
  8. wiring sub and amp

    Awesome reply Steve, just to add to your instructions. Make sure your earth wire isnt too long, should only be 1-2 metres long, allows for less charge to build-up (if any) and decreases any chance of damaging your sub, amp and/or head unit. Regard EMZ
  9. R33 Oil pressure

    Thanks for the advice guys, it was worring me a bit in the beginning. EMZ
  10. Ipod compatible Headunit

    Hey bro, i picked up a panasonic CQ - 8400W deck for about $460, but it was on sale from $799. I think JB hifi still have the unit on sale and you can pick up a demo/display one for around $400. if you have a look on the net you can see all of its features, but it has Aux imputs for DVD player/ipod/TV, etc and is a great unit for the price. Has active movie and picture display and 8 diff. colors that light up the screen. Great unit if your willin to spend around $400. Regards EMZ
  11. C33 Nissan Laurel

    Thats an awesome ride dude, nice job, love the fact that its a 4 door, gotta love those 4 door jap imports!! EMZ
  12. Hi all, just wondering about my oil pressure in my R33. It will vary from 1/4 of the gague to 3/4 on occasions. Is this normal...???? what should i do if this continues to occur?? Otherwise the car feels and drives great, just worried about anything going wrong due to this pressure drop and increase. Regards EMZ
  13. My 400+hp s13

    Great ride dude, any further asperations for the ride or is this the final, final product!!! EMZ
  14. What Sub

    Hey dude, Serious how much bass does one need!! You can get awesome response from a single 12" sub if powered correctly. Getting the sub is one thing, and often quite cheap, however its the amps that will cost you the reall bickies in regard to a powerful sub response. I have a 12"sony sub and its currently being powered by a 1200w amp. Its almost doing the trick, but it still lacks some bass tones. Best bet is to speak to either tonkins, Autobarn, car toys, or another car electronic specilist in regard to the correct amp for the sub you have in mind. Its one thing to have an awesome sub (or two) but if you dont have the correct power (for example 300RWRMS sub being powered by a 400wWRMS amp) you will not gain the full quality or bass tone that you should be getting. In addition you will be damaging the sub in the long run. Hope this helps Regards EMZ
  15. My Convertible

    Great car dude, what state are you in at the moment, would be awesome to see that ride in S.A and do you enter your car in auto saloon, would be mad to see you out next year!! EMZ