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    thank u im at work at the moment so i cant realy look into it that much but dosent look that hard thanks again QUAZAR..

    thoes mirrors do the trick and my frend has a r32 gtst with tints that are darker he has to drive wf the windos down allthe time its that bad he bourt it like that so funney scarey comig out of his drive without them down lol//? yehaaa

    oh and do u cop shit from cops eg lowed and having your numberplate on the side/? look fresh and quite fast how much u spend allup/?

    hey um this realy dosent have mutch to do cheese cake but what do u know about s14s and bolting a s15 front on are the hard to aquire s15 front pannels/lights bonnet front bar ? what elese do u need what about wiring?
  5. man can u gys help me how do i post pics
  6. on my way

    i gear down a lot toe heal and over heating may be a propblem, whats the best option? i i love a nice sound ing cars should i upgrade the exaust turbo bac or front mount? and boost controler/ oilcoolers cant decide to exited? and how do i post photos/
  7. on my way

    i dont want to be panig heaps and ill admit that i have a bit of a hevey foot to i dont wand a detenation um what about cooling stuff
  8. on my way

    yeah stockas a rock how do post pics as well
  9. on my way

    1996 NISSAN 200SX 1996 NISSAN 200SX
  10. on my way

    how do i post pics
  11. on my way

    man i cant wait im bying a red 200sx wf a nice untouched sr20det mm and i cant wait to get my hands on it just test drove it to day goes great smooth throught all the gears and the onley chatch is theres some faded pannels not to shoure what i should do first and money is no worry eney susgestions