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  1. Toilet paper

    you do know itr takes 13 sheets of shit paper to stop from getting poo on your finger , don't you ? so it doesn't matter how you wipe ya bum crack or if you fold or scrunch , unless you wash your hands your walking around with turd hands

    Some may find these offensive ....so don't look I found them funny
  3. I caught my dad with his meat in my GF!

    How could you both not enjoy sticking your meat in there and watching the juices flow
  4. Model kits

    bloody hell Wesley , that's a fricken huge collection you have there . are you interested in selling any of it ? I would really love to get my hands on that drag car , or one of your 1/12 scale nissans . the detail I could put in that ..........................Ive got some really good tips for your wheels when you get round to building them up . hit me with a pm and I will gladly go through them with you , top collection and thanks for sharing it with us
  5. what about having a container say a 50 litre esky or similar submerge a radiator in the water with two hoses coming up above the water level , 1 to feed the cold air and the other is to pull cold air from the contained unit , so in turn your getting two lots of cold air . freeze the water while the radiator is submerged so the cold air it would create while being captured in ice , plus the cold air that it pulls from th contained area , so the next thing is to use some thing that can pull the cold air out the the hose ( this would need to be of radiator hose diameter to eliminate heat build up due to drag of air being pulled through a smaller diameter hose ) so the air would remain cool ..................another trick used to be when we went fishing was an old bar fridge , we packed it with 10 bags of ice taped up around the seal and it was still keeping every thing frozen for up to a week . so there is a thought with your chest freezer as well , eliminate any chance of air getting in that doesn't need to be there
  6. Model kits

    Thanks Wesley A lot of work has been done since this , Ive now got paint on the cab and bonnet and sleeper , Ive just hand drilled all the holes in the exhaust shields , all the pulleys have been machined down for the winch end of the main boom and cable guides / cover has been done , the hydrolics have been beefed up to 90 ton instead of the 50 ton that are in the pic , im in the process of remaking the rear deck as I just wasn't happy with it .....Ive done a couple of cars in the past as commissions for people , I did the Mat and Debbie hays pro street thunderbird with full detail , 2 supras , and a few street machines . I don't have any pics of them after loseing all my shit back in 2010 . I will try to get some more pics up in the coming days for ya
  7. what about using the chest freezer option with anti freeze solution in radiators have that transfer to an outer unit like an old intercooler . have the radiators packed with bags of ice or even dry ice , then you could simply use a fan to have a flow of air from the intercooler to the room ...............also I know if you add salt to water when freezing it , it will make it around 7 deg colder again
  8. This is by no means a good way to cool a large room , but mate of mine filled an old intercooler with water and froze it in his deep freeze while he was at work , then when he was home he hung 6 x 3 inch computer fans on the back of it with a speed controller placed it in a home made ply box that was fiberglassed lined and turned it on in his room ...very clever and cheap solution to a warm room , it would cool the room a fair bit for around 6 hours . ..................................On another note I hear a lot of people who are having solar panels fitted just to off set there split cycle with doesn't cost them any thing to run 24/7 due to the solar panels
  9. make sure your signed in , even though your playing on line doesn't mean your signed in to your psn acc , I found that out when it kept coming up come back later , even though I was on line playing ...hope this helps
  10. things that annoy you

    you tube is full of guys who think they can fight and then get there asses handed to them by some little wimpy guy .....there is so much to consider when shit happens , if you pull it off great if you don't then depending on the out come either brush it off as a failure or go back and stand off with them again ......"Only difference between a Hero and a Coward , is his actions " ......second quote ....." the best weapon any warrior can have in a fight is not a gun or a knife , It's his Mind "
  11. things that annoy you

    hahaha !! the weapon didn't worry me to much as he mainly got my arm and ribs . as for self defence that isn't an issue but at least it wasn't a blow to the head .My Bat is for just really Big Kents , you know what they say if you bite off more than you can chew ....CHEW LIKE f**k hahahahahaha . In other news , I spotted the car last night with only the driver in it , I was calm and remindful that he is only a teenager and simply explained my thoughts on what happened and that it is his mate I want . he just said I will tell him . then as I was leaving he yells out Your Dead mate we will f**k you up hahahaha so I turned around and chased him across the car park and again expressed my unhappiness . told him to get his ph out and ring a friend so we could get this happening sooner than later ...this is where it gets funny , he cries his little ass off saying im sorry man Im sorry as Im trying to drag him across to my car . So after being bashed most of my life and picked on and so on , I just let empathy get in the way and told him he needs to sort his shit out and be a proper person and grow up , he just kept saying sorry and that's where it left off ...so revenge was had to a degree hahahahaha
  12. I got on last night with another NSAU player , its more fun than I gave it credit for , its great when other players join in
  13. things that annoy you

    didn't even give my Baseball bat a second thought , I just jumped out cause the girls were freaking out
  14. Finally got to play for a good bit today with one of my mates, spent heaps of time running around in free roam robbing stores and shooting other players. I think you need to get lucky with the session you connect to, because sometimes there was a bunch of players in the same session with us, and other times we were the only people in there. oh ok , thanks for clearing that up for me .... I guess a few people are leaving it for a few days to let the dust settle so to speak before playing on line .
  15. things that annoy you

    Im back on the band wagon over P platers ............Yesterday afternoon , I was sitting in my car at the lights when out of the blue a white Commodore sedan loaded with 4 of his mates and Girlfriends came into the intersection on my right side at about a 100 k's an hour lost control and hit the gutter straight a head then reversed back almost hitting my car then did a half doughnut smoke and shit every where and here they were facing the wrong way up the street I was driving down almost parked beside my left side yelling Yeah check that shit out while the girls were crying clearly in the back , I jumped out to give this guy a back hand and to save the girls only to get attacked by his mate with a cricket bat , while I was looking after him his mate the driver did a you turn , his mate got in and they took off ......No one helped me , no one asked if I was ok and I didn't get the plates . so I cruised the usual haunts maccas and hungry jacks but didn't see them . by the time my poor little car got up to speed they were long gone .......I swear if I find him I am going to f**king hurt him BAD , bunch of f**k tards GRRRRRR !!! end rant ..............and this happened near Tingalpa at 2 pm yesterday