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  1. Juliette's '98 N15 Pulsar Sedan

    Woohoo! lets hope it starts tomorrow, not like last time i said that. the car looks sweet as is, and love like ur intercooler and exhaust. cant wait for the vids and the the final result!!!
  2. few pix of the cars we are building at the moment

    I'm impressed with your skyline and the XR6!!! very nice and i have 2 agree with your on there choice of rocker covers in the XR6. not the prettiest one ive every seen
  3. Supra Vs Skyline

    dont get my wrong, skylines are great cars, but i reckon that to many people have them, for them to be cool. when i go for a drive, its like "oh, its just another skyline" but the supra get my blood racing, there awesome. i have seen some clips of some highly modded supras, and they kick butt!!!! but that only what i think...
  4. my new boot install

    thats awesome. i bet it was worth the money tho!?! some more pics would b good, of the whole thing, but its still very impressive

    this is GAY!!!!
  6. Albert's Nissan Silvia S15

    Very impressed with your ride. the bodykit just makes the car. nice work, any more work planed?
  7. Juliette's '98 N15 Pulsar Sedan

    Damn, u must be getting excited now!!!! i am, and its not even my car!!! its a sweet ride, except for the auto box, but its cool that ur sticking to ur guns... cant wait for the finished poduct, hope that its all ready tomorrow!
  8. nar, im impressed, dont worry about the small details, the overall car is very similar, nice spot!!!
  9. This is my 383 chev S13.

    cant wait for the pics. it sure sounds like a great project car. nice idea! i like the 'most powerful drift car' bit too!!!
  10. The new 51IMZ

    how much does a paint job like that cost??? i guess it would b worth it whatever the cost, eh?

    thanks, great help, very simple