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  1. My GTR 34 VSPEC 2 & FD Type Rs Series 8

    Any more pics of the GTR?
  2. JET200 update

    + 2 definately a fan!
  3. What would you do first...?

    I voted for engine! Im a power n spread freak and i love the adranalin
  4. Cool GTR pics

    Nice piks but i cant beleive the chopped it in half! Waste of a gtr! Fukin key is nice tooo!
  5. Heres My Old Car Dats My Broz SS
  6. My cuz is a kick boxer and gets a few gz for every fight he enters. Goes all over the state!
  7. Kick Boxing? IS there any prize money involveD?
  8. JET200 update

    If my old setup with 300 on the wheels ran an 11.3 on pump fuel and hardly any suspension work. Im prety sure you will dip it in the 10z with 60kw more. Good luck and keep me updated.
  9. That car was for sale ages ago! He wanted like 50grand for it. Not sure of the specs but i know its an fully built rb25 with bigger turbo and has an auto in it.
  10. the faster u go the harder it becomes coz for each more second to drop it takes more and more power... Exactly. It aint east to run a low 11. Power, the driver, the setup, the track all is important. Yeh its in a S15. I may have the video clip. Il see if i can put it up