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  1. i dont suppose anyone out there has an s15 with advan RS wheels?
  2. wow just came back to this thread after putting it up almost 2 years ago come on 400 pages!!
  3. whats the average compression on an sr20 black top 2002 s15 i.e. 130psi???
  4. s15 dump pipe

    ill sell you a dump pipe and front pipe for 23k ono with a car, cooler, and suspension attached
  5. worked perfectly thanks
  6. you are a legend now find someone to buy my car hehe
  7. if anyone has the surrounding vac lines i would appreciate it greatly
  8. s15 market

    you should look at my car couple of mods, all done professionally by RE customs, by ray evans who has owned several s15s, the cooler, for example looks factory mods cooler exhaust power fc t timer coilovers (tein)

    i think this is exactlu what ive been trying to say the car is worth more than 20k and and inspection of it will tell the buyer that straight away, unless most interest has been coming from test pilots
  10. nah i expected it to come on i just need to know how to get the light to go off
  11. im selling mine with a gauge in it its a 60mm apexi gauge
  12. VIC S15 MARKET

    thats it ^^^ and im willling to negotioate on the price just not advertise it for ridiculusly low
  13. VIC S15 MARKET

    but car comes immac as compared to a lot of others and comin with just basics like cooler, exhaust and coilovers 23 grand dosent seeem like a bad deal to me
  14. just re-fitted my adm wheel, and airbag light has been flashing does anyone know how to fix ive seen someone pressing the button where the door closes in some kind of code to turn the light off any help??