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  1. Kogan Mobile

    So, after a few months, what is the consensus? I'm thinking of giving vodafone the flick after some recent poor customer service.
  2. The Do you live at home Thread.

    I paid 15% of my weekly wage when I was at home, including bills (power, internet), but I'd also do at least 1/3 of the cooking and would pay for the ingredients when I cooked etc.
  3. Laziness/stupidity/disregard for rules. In wollongong I see that all the time, plus people who, when tuning into a street, cut half the corner of the other lane thats turning onto their previous street. I can vouch for all the people here being lazy and stupid.
  4. Jews were only 1/2 the people killed in the holocaust.
  5. I think Australians as a whole are getting stupider, which although not inherently, leads to more racist behaviour and comments, although again it's likely due to poor eduction and awareness as a whole. There's probably multiple factors, although I'd say the mining 'boom' and emphasis on primary industry isn't helping. The above mentioned decreasing appreciation of education, as well as a drive towards a more americanised consumerist and shallow society. I'm probably more aussie than most and still I'd actively avoid most aussies* while overseas. * your standard go overseas and booze. Luckily most of these can't seem to push beyond Bali or Southern Thailand.
  6. Ban on high powered magnets

    How do magnets work/?
  7. Do we live in a Computer Simulation?

    I wouldn't classify him a pothead, but he sure did get lucky with virgin records.
  8. Franchises

    Sadly, the only winner in a franchise is the home company that the franchisee pays. I know not everyone has the ability to put together a business model and plan, but really, it wouldn't be hard to copy subway and undercut them in prices etc.
  9. Do we live in a Computer Simulation?

    Which brings us to an even better topic! Should marijuana be legalised for recreational purposes? State if you're for or against, And reasons why! Find me a productive pot head and I'll agree. And no liberal arts major either, I fart those degrees. They have to contribute to society.
  10. Gym wankers

    Their* To be honest, they probably still live at home with their mum. It's a pathetic arrogance thinking weights can be left unreturned.
  11. Gym wankers

    Exactly, or they can't do the simple task of returning the 10kg dumbells 2m back to where they picked them up.
  12. Gym wankers

    All the roided up metro wogboys that leave weights everywhere but on the weights stand.
  13. University

    Hate to burst your bubble there, but Australia isnt far away from not being able to provide internships for its graduates. http://ausmed.ama.co...ternship-crisis You can thank the Howard government for that, funding and approving about a dozen medical schools at once without setting up a system to accomodate them or train them further.....and when it comes to applying for speciality training....good luck! Are you a doctor/medical student?? - I'm guess not by your comments. A few interns aren't getting jobs as of this years grads. If you read all of my post it's just the internationals that are missing out, and will miss out. Local graduates (not FFP at ND syd) are guaranteed internships. And if you're getting political, it's federal labor that's trying to fund an extra 200 intern spots a year (in private hospitals - no experience) just so they can say they graduated X number of doctors per year. AUstralia's Dr shortage isn't pure numbers, it's the number of consultants that are available. This will eventually be met soon enough. There has been dramatic increases in medical student numbers since 2000, peaking this year. Those that began studying in 2000 will be registrars now, soon to be consultants. the flow will continue. Specialty training positions is a funny topic. Yes there is more competition, but with increased medical school places, there is also a decrease in standards of entry. Some doctors I've spoken to have told me not to worry too much as at least 1/4 students they see now days are under par. Something that I would have to agree with. Not to mention there is more older people and women training in medicine. these groups (plus the afore mentioned poor students) gravitate to genearl practice for the following few reasons 1) ease in training (shorter periods) 2) ease to get in (govt. keeps funding positions) and 3) it's easy, with no difficult exams So really, provided you're not an idiot and work hard, anything is achievable.