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  1. Toyota wreckers in VIC?

    theres two in ringwood mate!

    good work mate, gotta love asking a question and getting slammed for it hey! if u need any other questions answered just pm me, u wont get *richard cranium* answers like most of these! cheers Luke
  3. yarrawonga/mulwala

    ummm, good question! when i get time, work is so busy at the moment! hopefully in the next fortnight for a fish, too bloody cold to ski!
  4. yarrawonga/mulwala

    got a centurion mate
  5. any original ns.coms still here?

    hahaha yogi, i used to organise all the ringwood office works roof top meets, those were the days!!
  6. yarrawonga/mulwala

    nah havnt got the 180 anymore, sold it years ago, driving a new maloo now. yeh got a boat and couple of jet skis up there, luv going there!
  7. yarrawonga/mulwala

    ive got a place on the water in mulwala, im always up there, love it! head to the river if the lake is to choppy!
  8. Top Gear Live Melbourne

    i went to 5 0clock session sat night in platnum area, thort is was good, agree with it being way too scripted, but good overall!
  9. any original ns.coms still here?

    i think the ten year reuinion is a great idea! i'll start organising something if theres enuf interest???? pm me if you are!
  10. any original ns.coms still here?

    bout 6 months + to old guys, sorry!
  11. vic only

    pm me
  12. wheres my 180?

    no idiot! had it before u were even thort of!
  13. wheres my 180?

    last seen in adelaide when i sold it, a few OLD members will know it! is it still alive??????
  14. its been a while

    lol, yeh that statesman is back in the shop getting a whole heap of stuff done. ls1 conversion with massive supercharger, suicide doors, 22's, its on bags now too and even bigger stereo system. i think he's just hit the 130k mark on that thing! crazy!