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  1. 370z Its here

    Yeh its a great car!! Handles so great, can feel a slight understeer though when giving her a push. Engine note is quite different to anything else ive heard, its similar to a porsche but seems a bit rawer, im not sure whats so different about it. Not in a abd way but it kind of sounds unrefined, like this is a brute of an engine thrash me, not sure how else to describe it. Still looking into a TT kit, found one over east for $15k
  2. 370z Its here

    I know im digging up and old post but...................I JUST BOUGHT ONE!! Cant say ive driven the 350z though, but handling is unbelievable! The fuel ecomony was great for my first tank, (was checking range and got over 650kms before the 80kms to emtpy hit). Still looking for a TT kit in wa!
  3. WA for New Years

    Metro's Freo is probably the biggest place to be, but it will cost you. Depends on waht you're planning? Staying in one the whole night or are you moving around? As for accomodation, the Esplanade is awesome but its a bit exp, backpackers more your deal?
  4. TT 370Z

    Well ive had a look at a few places, it seems the only way to Twin Turbo the Zed is to send it over east for $15k! I dont spose anyone here in WA is an authorised dealer to do a HKS or similar Twin Turbo kit fo rmy 370Z?
  5. Chicken Parmigiana

    THe Herdsman Tav does them really good for $15 i think it is, Thursday night?
  6. vegetarian restaurant

    Theres a few indian places around, that all they do is serve vege food, depends if you like indian though, one in osborne park and the city..not sure about the others
  7. 95kg Clean & Jerk @ 75kg

    Thanks m&m, i have surgery today, not eating SUCKS! So its at least 3 months before i start any training on the wrist again. I'm aiming for State champs in August but i dont think ill be ready. For my body weight nationals need a 225 total which for me is out of range, but give it another year (2009) and ill be seeing how close i can get. I love all the power exercises that you can do in the gym, at first it was sport related, now i think i might make it my sport.
  8. 95kg Clean & Jerk @ 75kg

    Thanks for the nice comments GT-RZ. Makes you feel better when you realize people aren't all knobs on here. Yeh Big fuzzy i was about 5cms from locking out, and i just didnt get down far enough to lock out straight away, so i told myself im pushing this bastard up! haha and then locked it. Felt so good to get it though. My Technique is fine, just didnt get down low enough for a heavy weight. Ive seen what you guys lift its pretty awesome
  9. 95kg Clean & Jerk @ 75kg

    Yeh as i said before, i couldn't really tell how far i went down, it definitely wouldn't have been more than 1/2 squat in which case some people call it a PC, for me if its anything below 1/4 squat you didnt make it. Just tough on it i guess, and as i couldnt see my dip im not sure, thats why i cant class it if i didnt know.
  10. 95kg Clean & Jerk @ 75kg

    http://www.awf.com.au/resources/docs/AWF%2...gust%202007.xls Check out that link and the 77kg class. Theres not that many Olympic lifters in WA, quite a few in Eastern states. If you look at it, theres quite a few serious ones, as in Ben Turner who holds the Australian Record. James Power holds about 5 rangning from 100kg to 115? Plus i never said it was the 3rd highest lift in WA, its that i would be 3rd if i lifted that James is only 1 person. you edit i edit The PC was too far.. i have increased hugely in strength, but not enough probably dipped between 10-20cms, couldnt actually tell exactly but felt too far for me to class as a PC. Would love to see what i clean now, but wont have enough time 2 exams tomorrow then surgery. Could possibly do some tomorrow morning...nah pass
  11. 95kg Clean & Jerk @ 75kg

    Oh Apologies, its the 3rd highest recorded lift (by individual people) for my body weight in the open division for Clean and Jerk. Ive edited this to make it sound better. And although i dont snatch i have done 60kgs before, which still keeps me 3rd, now all i have to do is the same at a sanctioned event!
  12. Well this is one of my last days of training as i have surgery on my wrist on Thursday, so i went all out on my Clean and Jerks which ive been training the last 1-2 months, (before this i was training cleans from my previous thread). I have good knowledge and background but only ever got into Olympic Lifting about 4-6 months ago, and loved it. and then wanted to keep doing it! I have an instructor with me who is the best a huge amount of experience and always technically sound, and also another training partner who is literally the best in the world at what he does. I was so stoked to get it i ran up and hugged him after haha! It didnt start out as planned but got there in the end. The only ones i failed have it written next to it. 3 warmups of 60kg CJ 70kg CJ 80kg CJ 85kg CJ 90kg CJ Fail 90kg CJ Fail 80kg CJ 90kg CJ Muscled 90kg CJ 95kg CJ I got so angry when i missed the first 2 90's as ive done them before. The first 90 i got i really muscled it up with about 5 cms to lock my arms out. But still got it. Second one was better with more dip and full lock out of the arms. Made sure i could do another one and i said to my trainer if i get this one with good enough technique let me try 95. In the end i got it with pretty decent technique and in the end let me try 95, we have to be careful as we train at zest, so safety of other people is important. Had a bit of a crowd watching in the end to see if i could pull it off, but i dropped 90kg last week and it fell off the plates and got my trainer in the shin when he ran in to try and save me..haha. Attempted 95 and ripped it really well. got everything good and held it, 1 2 3 whites! was so happy HAHA. Cant wait to get back into it, will start rehab in 6 weeks but keep small amount of training for other body parts. Also we thought it would be cool to see if i could still power clean after it and ended up with 105kg got 107.5kg but had a slight dip so i didnt count that. Im still so excited this probably doesnt make sense to anyone reading ill try edit it in the morning when i can think straight
  13. Go to ZU, they have awesome shoes, there on hay st as well as karrinyup. Bit more classy than skate shoes. But these arent for running or anything there all dress/casual shoes.
  14. Cleans, Who does them?

    Wow thats a huge read, i think ill have to read it a few times to make sure i get it all. Theres some really good ideas in there ill try them out and let you know which ones work best and why... Thanks again.
  15. Excuses

    HAHA Mr Bojangles thats one of the worst ive heard because its not even an excuse, it would speed you up if you trained legs properly.. Mine is ill do it tomorrow, always works...Must be my motto..