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  1. Movie world goin jap.......

    They had this same show in paris movie worl last year.. it was mad.. but they didnt have evos lolz... they had sumthing else..
  2. Wishing all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISMAS!!! Hope Santa gives you everything you asked for this year, only if you have been good (driver)... LOL anyways PLEASE be safe on the roads for these holidays
  3. pioneer member revisiting the past

    im still around.. lolz...
  4. when is autosalon? promotions for autosalon sux...
  5. the new trend in japan

    CJ, a simple no thats incorrect would of been a better choice of words..
  6. the new trend in japan

    haha thats just the shuttle bus to get to the place.. dunno if disney i didnt see thomas at disney there
  7. Need a job!

    OK.. umm the telstra job is not in burwood, its in the city Bourke street cnr kings.. its inbound cust service..(tech support) dont know if they hiring though for tech support.. they might.. havent heard anything.. we kinda over staffed.. BUT... they are hiring for other campaigns.. eg.. commweatlh bank cust service.. we also got other telstra probs like 3g mobile suport and also mutli cultral department if u speak another lang.. plus whole bunch of other jobs.. go to www.hirepoint.com select australia then search top right of next page hit apply.. it will bring up a list.. enjoy and good luck
  8. its been a while

    OG's.. i remember that car...
  9. Who needs a job

    lol... i havent got crap... and bloody lim-lim... dam itttt....
  10. Who needs a job

    think the jobs are mainly tech support cable / adsl residential faults 3g mobile if u go, the referal name is john lim
  11. Who needs a job

    meh jobs a job... thought i help out...
  12. Who needs a job

    MELBOURNE RECRUITMENT OPEN DAY FOR OUR VARIOUS TELSTRA PROGRAMS!! Thursday 21st & Saturday 23rd June The friendly Melbourne team will be conducting walk-in interviews between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM this Thursday and Saturday. Tell your friends or family to add their profile on www.hirepoint.com and turn up on either Thursday or Saturday for more information and an interview!! (Please note that all applicants should submit their details on the website prior to attending the Open Day)
  13. Are you After a JOB?

    hahahha yeah that would be good.. but i dont know if they even give it out... some of my mates didnt even get it after like a year.. so yeah not holding my breath hahaha
  14. Are you After a JOB?

    yeah that... but this one you work from HOME !!!... and theres other jobs in there too for other departments
  15. Are you After a JOB?

    update.. there is also another job going in syd.. where u work from home.. its TT @ home.. i think u do tech support for telstra from home... check out the website.. www.hirepoint.com