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  1. cowboys anyone?

    who doesn't love cowboys?
  2. What do you do?

    i used to never go above 52kg at my last job working at an equestrian centre but i was walking most of the day. iv bulked up alot riding 8 trackwork a morning and doing split shifts. i got down to 49kg with a 6 pack when i just finished school, i was working out about 16 hours a week. iv decided to go for my amateur jockeys licence to see if im any good. i know a few breakers and the good ones who work hard make decent money, dangerous job though. i jumped on a 3 yr old last week (was told it was quiet), took it to the track on its own, tried to do a bit of pace work and wondered why it went nuts. it tried to flip over the rail, bolt, drop its head and jumped every puddle it came across. the boss asked how it was when i got back, i said it was a psycho and knew nothing. it turns out the horse was broken in as a 2 yr old, thrown in the paddock for a year and had never seen a racetrack in its life.
  3. Single BEST mod you have done?

    new grill! $100 it looked terrible without one. i know that sounds sad but i bought the car with a bodykit, resprayed, fmic, bov, gt28rs, bigger injectors, power fc, exhaust, coilovers, engine rebuilt at sometime with forged internals maybe and a locked diff . plans for the future: window tint, ac regass and put the interior back in.
  4. Photo of your ride

    theyre the best 1st car, i miss my silvia
  5. Photo of your ride

    I like the front bar on your old silvia, the car looks very clean. What kind of front bar and kit did you have on it? yea i like the old one better too. its a cheap vertex copy
  6. tattoos

    i bought a tattoo gun and tatooed the top of my thigh. its a tribal angel (sort of) that i designed. it hurt more than my other 2 but it was so much fun!
  7. Photo of your ride

    my old sr20de silvia (my first car) and my new sr20det sil80 with 200rwkw oh i almost forgot the r6
  8. What do you do?

    trackwork rider i ride racehorses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and get to go fast (over 60km/h at times) i start at 4am, work 13 out of 14 days and get payed under $14 an hour. it's a dangerous job, you get hurt alot but it's good fun. im currently trying to lose weight so i can become an apprentice (i'm 55kg now and need to lose about 4 more) i'm also thinking about doing the bull riding at the local rodeos. hav ridden once so far and was meant to ride this weekend but i hav to work.
  9. tattoos

    i have 2 tats, a tramp stamp i designed and the japanese symbols for courage, strength, truth and spirit down my ribs. mine hurt most on the back of my hips and the further down it got on my side. in some places it doesnt hurt at all and then they move a cm and it hurts like a bitch but its bearable. i found the longer it takes the more it hurts, both mine took 2 hours. i also have my belly button and my nipple pierced. that was way more painful than a tattoo, i tensed so bad i pulled the muscles across my ribs but i kept a blank face and didnt make a noise (i was so proud ). just be really careful getting your tattoo... they are extremely addictive!
  10. does anyone know what engine would fit into a 2004 proton gen 2. my friend blew up her engine and is wandering wether she should spend $2000 on another piece of shit proton engine or try a mitsubishi lancer or other model engine. iv heard the 4g93 engines practically bolt straight in, is this true? what would be the cheapest option?