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  1. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    Yep. Loooooooong dead. Went rapidly down hill after they banned all the uplate people and much of the rest of the forum. Once you take yourself too seriously you tend to write your own death note.
  2. But no where near as horrendous as your face pooh bear.

    I sold my import because it was just to much of a hassle to own by the end of it. The further along you get the more risky it is. I've hardly seen an imports anymore just getting round as I can only assume much like myself the constant threat of defect, epa, wondering if it will still be where you parked it and what not just took the fun out of it.
  4. Rep system is back!

    That's a hate crime you f**k! Racist.
  5. Rep system is back!

    I should get those 2 moles looked at.
  6. Rep system is back!

    Yeah couldn't have that gem not be posted when referenced. Had to dig through my photo bucket.
  7. Rep system is back!

    You stay classy Spewcus.
  8. Rep system is back!

    I take after you good sir. ... I was going to post that pic of you chundering on the dunny but I don't have it on this laptop. hahahaha, this post has a popular star beside it. look at me, mr popular. take that highschool girls. Ah spewcus.
  9. Rep system is back!

    Pot calling the kettle black isn't it.......
  10. Rep system is back!

    And its not going to help you now! Everything is to my advantage, I'm an entitled internet user! IdidhavesomefancypantspostwithapictureofafishsmokingandquestioningyouraccountsplatinumnessandmysilvernesseventhoughIhavemorepostsbutstupidpostsystemf**kedmeoversonowit'sjustthis.
  11. Rep system is back!

    Back to uplate where we are safe and free. And now back here to see what's going on.
  12. Rep system is back!

    But seemingly can't add pics now... *milkshake*! Actually I figured it out. Toggle edit mode seems to make it work but seems highly inefficient.
  13. Rep system is back!

    So now can...... f**k yeah I can use enter!!!!! Wooooooooooo.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so on.
  14. Rep system is back!

    Looks like a typical Adelaide girl at crazy horse. You'd bang her, would you not? I'd jizz Milky bars on her... It would be rude and offensive to say no. How bout...say Miley Cyrus? Yep.I'dmakemillions!Gotothetabloidswithinminutesofblowingonherface!I'dfilmthatshittoo!!
  15. Rep system is back!

    Looks like a typical Adelaide girl at crazy horse. You'd bang her, would you not? I'd jizz Milky bars on her... Youshouldprobablyseeadoctoraboutthat......justsaying. or a lawyer, going to be a copyright lawsuit in his hands Hahahahahahahahaha.Gottaworryaboutthesizeoftheholeattheendofhisknob.Mustlooklikeasnakeeatingamousewhenhetakesaleak.