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  1. complete 180sx wiring diagram

    thnx for the info guyz downloaded the manual for both 180sx/s13 and s14 aswell.
  2. Mum cancels kids WOW account

    thats not what you do with a remote you silly kid . He wants to run away with his only friend the remote lol

    Not sure if you're serious, but there's not a whole lot to do at this time of the morning: Once they're tightened they can't be un-tightened, they have to be cut. Pretty useful. Sorry mate but you are wrong. If you know how to, you can undo them. Insert a little pick between the rachet and the rack, then you can pull the cable out again and good to use again
  4. plz help people, i've been trying to find 1 but can't find any. Tomorrow i'm gonna be at tafe and hopefully they have 1 there at richmond, but i dought they have 180 or s13 wiring diagrams as the libary is full of holden and ford books. So any help would be nice, thanx people.
  5. TOP 5 Favourite songs of all time

    *blillie jean MJ *adagio for strings Dj Tiesto *thiller MJ *show me love( safari remix ) *thunder struck ( live )
  6. 700 hp and rhd conversion

    700 hp rb26 is a nice idea but almost a dream with ur budget, imo you cant go wrong with the rb25s in your stuation since you want to keep it strictly nissan under the hood. Rebuild the 25, slap a nice size turbo injectors surge tank and a computer then easly you should get 400kw on high boost
  7. textsfromlastnight.com

    lol after a good nite out with the boys and 200 bucks worth of drinks at the club, i decided to msg the girl i was talking to and ended up writing I fuchqen lqveeuru yoii. lol In my mind i was writing i freakin love you. Ended up sending that msg to like 5 other mates that nite. Noone understood the msg lol. And the same nite i msged the same girl calling her a slut, because she didnt msg back 4 like 2 mins then i got pissed off.
  8. EOI M.A.S.. i know its early but hear me out

    top idea mate, dont be suprise if they let you bring those pigs. Because they are desprate to get new cars and get more people. I dont think even the new fast and the furious movies could save the autosalon, unless they start doing something diffrent to attract people. 20 inch chromies and white leather seats are so 2001. People who were into crap like that moved on and i think its time for the organisers are to move on too.
  9. nah mate u got me wrong, jump start it without anything on first then turn everything on. if the car turns off straight away then ur alternator isnt working wright. Because your battery is only there to crank the engine then your alternator feeds everything.
  10. mate if i were you i would check the alternator. check the charging rate, seems like its not putting out enough charge. When you jump or roll start your car turn your head lights on and see what happens and also the a/c. If the charging rate is alright then your battery isnt holding charge. good luck
  11. battery light flickering on/off

    mate does the light come on when ur driving or happens even if ur not moving? check the basics like the earth point and just go over the wiring, its most likely the alternator. check the wires on the alternator and check the output from the alternator. without any load it should be 13.5 14 and turn all lights and aircon on then check the out put. it shouldnt be less then 13 volts. let us know how you go
  12. nose bleeding alot

    yea mate i used to get the same shit with my nose, its becoz ur blood vessel or veins are too close to the surface and if the inside of ur nose gets really dry it bleeds easy. If you keep it moist it should be alrite. Even put abit of vassaline or something on the inside of ur nose when it feels dry and i starts hurting
  13. A Message From God

    i dont got it
  14. did all sr20s come with r200 diff and all ca came with r180?
  15. Nissan 180SX Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    nice car man but it would be nicer if you put the type x lights at thr back, personally dont like the bling, but its still a sexy car mate