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  1. Time to let the S15 go now after 8 years of ownership. Somewhat negotiable depending on ease of sale and additional parts wanted. I hope the below will convey my efforts for quality and doing things the 'right' way. $24,000 ono I've spent an awful lot of time researching and money spent to try and build one of the most versatile and responsive street cars. Probably most responsive, driveable, and usable 338rwkw you can make. Excellent static response from the medium sized Borg Warner, twin scroll manifold, smaller cams which retain VCT for great low-mid RPM power and torque. Plus the fantastic transient (off/on boost) response from the EFR series turbos. Combined makes ~260rwkw by 4000rpm Safety measures always used including having a turbo speed sensor to ensure it's never pushed past it's manufacturer recommended maximum (sitting at around 90% at the moment) Have a massive stack of invoices for all work and parts done to the car over the years. Forged engine (258 poncams + VCT) - JE Forged Pistons - Scat Forged Conrods - ACL Race Bearings - ARP Main Studs - ARP Head Studs - Nitto Head Gasket - 'Performance' Valve Springs - Tomei 258 Poncams - New VCT Gear (<3,000kms old) - Springy Motors specially designed rocker arm protection guard to prevent damage to engine rockers (much improved over other designs) - All professionally machined and installed Full-race T4 Twin Scroll High mount manifold (with 2000c thermal coating) - External wastegate model with the ports clamped shut should you want ot go to EWG in future Borg Warner EFR7163 Turbo T4 Twin Scroll 0.80 rear (custom braided lines) - Upgrade Turbosmart EFR series BOV Borg Warner Turbo speed sensor wired into Link G4+ ECU Link G4+ ECU - Canbus Wideband - Ethanol sensor to ECU for Flex fuel Mazworx topfeed fuel rail (custom braided lines) Bosch 1650cc injectors Turbosmart FPR800 Fuel pressure regulator Inline 100micron fuel filter - much easier to access and replace compared to stock, also washable and re-usable Walbro 460LP/h Fuel Pump - direct wired to battery with safety relay in place Havoc Fabrications front mount intercooler piping and - Aeroflow core (not through battery tray) Havoc Fabrications custom turbo intake with pod filter - Enclosed in a box for neatness, legality and lower intake temperatures Havoc Fabrications custom 3" Turbo back exhaust - vband at turbo, high flow catalytic converter and high quality magnaflow muffler - Tucks up nice and high under the body for great clearance RB25 gearbox with Z32 bellhousing (Engineered to Slide conversion) NPC Heavy Duty Organic Clutch GKtech braided clutch lines Hardrace hardened rubber Engine and Gearbox mounts Whiteline swaybars front and rear Shockworks coilovers SPL Camber arms Nismo GT Pro 1.5 Way LSD Enkei RPF1 wheels 17x9 +22 wheels - 255/40/17 Federal RS-RR on the front - Brand new 255/40/17 Hankook RS4's on the rear Full vertex bodykit kit JDM bits - Steering wheel - Seats - Electric fold in mirrors - Silvia badging inside and out Custome Blue EL backlit dash Pioneer BT headunit with handsfree Custom neat 10" sub box with amp - Mounted in the boot in the S15 'shelf' - Quick release plugs, for fast removal / install (~2mins) Owned it for 8 years (since it was a simple 190rwkw with stock turbo) 265,000kms on chassis (120,00kms on it when I got the car), about 7,000kms on engine. It's my daily driver and is always treated with care. Always warmed up correctly before driven. Fresh full synth oil every 3,000-5,000kms. Last pic shows has perfect front height and car fits perfectly over any 'standard height' gutters. Only accident (to my knowledge) was cosmetic panel dent years ago while I owned it. No RWC included.
  2. 2001 ADM Nissan 200sx S15 Type S

    $25,000. Car has done 225,000kms. Forged engine has done 15,000kms.
  3. 2001 ADM Nissan 200sx S15 Type S

    ADM Nissan 2001 200sx Type S I'm looking to put my pride and joy up for sale. Had my fun and REALLY enjoyed the car for the 5.5 years I've had it. Trying to save some money and move to something a bit more basic (but still a little fun) to get around in. I've spent alot of time researching and typically used the highest quality workmanship and parts available to me at the time. I'm very big on doing things once and doing them 'right'. I've also focussed hard on making the car as legal and 'stealth' as possible. Car is my daily and has been the entire time I've owned it. I've set it up for daily/weekend/circuit/drift use. It's only done a Haunted Hills day as well as a handful of Motorkhana and Beginner drift days (Primal and Drift Skills). Car runs and drive fantastically. Slightly laboured when it's super cold. 1min warmup and it's good to go. Always taken care of and treated with the mechanical respect she deserves. Service every 3-5000kms depending on time and events. Always used premium full synth oil (10/10ths or Motul). Fuel filter also changed every service. Super responsive and very driveable setup. Full boost at 3600rpm. 'Only' running up to max 23 psi (tapers to 19psi) on e85, less on 98. Car makes 271rwkw on e85 which is what I put in it 99% of the time. Had full flex setup and runs fine on 98 just less power / response. Have a MASSIVE wad of receipts for pretty much everything I've ever purchased for the car. Will come with Rego till April 2016 and a Roadworthy Certificate. Exterior / Aesthetics: Genuine Work Motion CR Kai wheels (18x8.5 front and 18x9.5 rear. Great fitment, legal-ish, no rubbing or scraping at all) Vertex side skirts Vertex rear bar JDM fold in mirror JDM seats JDM dash JDM badging on car JDM steering wheel Pioneer bluetooth headunit, quite new, works well. Pioneer front split speakers Amp and quality sub in boot (all in a custom sub box that sits in the 'shelf' to take up minimal space. Also has quick release mount, power, speaker cables. Can be removed in ~1min, SUPER handy for track days.) Performance: SR20DET rebuilt / forged ~15,000kms ago (Built by Forced Motorworx) Forged pistons Forged rods New rings ACL race bearings Cometic head gasket ARP head studs Tomei Poncam (256) Performance valve springs Deustchwerks 950cc drop in injectors Walbro 460lph e85 compatible fuel pump Z32 AFM Nistune compatible flex sensor Nistune ecu with flex functionality Garret GTX2863R Kinugawa turbo actuator with 19psi spring Earls Braided turbo lines Standard airbox Custom intake to turbo (black) Havoc custom intercooler piping (legal, Blitz core) Unknown 3" dump / front pipe (seems 'fine') High flowing cat Havoc cat back custom 3" exhaust (tucks up nice and high for legal reasons) Greddy eboost II Profec Spec B boost controller Handling: Near new Yokohama AD08r tyres (235/40/18 front, 265/35/18 rear) - SUPER grippy! Shockworks coilovers SPL rear camber arms Tein strut brace Whiteline front and rear swaybars Drivetrain: Nismo 1.5 way GT Pro diff (4.11 ratio) R33 GTS-T gearbox (excellent condition, uses Engineered to Slide kit) NPC Heavy duty organic 10" RB25 clutch Braking: Slotted rear rotors and upgraded pads Slotted front rotors and upgraded pads I would be interested in trades plus cash my way but would have to be something interesting/fun/cheap for around 10k. Would consider something like: - e30 BMW (engine swapped?) - e36 BMW (engine swapped?) - VW Polo GTI - etc NOT interested at all in anything like: - Auto - Skyline - Silvia - Supra - Commodore - Falcon
  4. Sr20 Head Studs help pls

    Can confirm current ARP head studs for RWD SR20det are fine. I have them in my car. You can get SR20det studs for the GTI-R engine. Which is not RWD, they are diff length and NOT suitable.
  5. EFR to GTX Comparison

    Interesting info. I have been thinking about going T4 Twin scroll EFR on my S15... either a 6758 or 7163.... REALLY don't need/want 350+kw. So I'll go with the hopefully more responsive 6758. Hoping for full boost at 3500rpm and ~300rwkw. Poncam, 2000cc injectors, z32, nistune. Any thoughts nicknack?
  6. EFR 7163 results

    Really tossing up with which way to go with the BW. Pretty sure I'm going to get Hypertune Low Mount T4 TS manifold. Block off the external gate ports (nice clean vband blockers) and then use a EFR6758 TS T4 (0.80) or maybe the bigger EFR7163 TS T4 (0.80). Engine is all forged (SR20 in an S15). Have Z32 afm, nistune (flex on 98/e85), 950cc injectors (probs to go 2000cc top feed), 460lph Walbro Fuel pump..... Aiming for full boost around 3500rpm and maybe 300rwkw. Does that sound feasible to any of you guys running these? I'm obviously looking forward to the transient response I keep hearing about which you can't really quantify on a dyno graph. PS. Also have R33 5 speed, NPC heavy duty organic clutch and Nismo 1.5way LSD... one of the reasons I'm trying to keep to around 300rwkw is to prevent all that stuff from breaking... it appears I could get more than 300 out of the 7163??? PPS. Car is daily / weekend warrior / occasional track days.
  7. s15/s14 parts

    I assume brakes are front only? Don't have anything for rear? And what's required to fit to an S15?
  8. I've got 18x9.5 +34. Running 265/35/18 on the rears. About -1.4 camber. Guard lips are rolled and a very very minor guard pump. No clearance issues or rubbing at all. All sits inside the guard too.
  9. complete z32 gearbox conversion for s13

    This sold? Any idea on what mods would be required for this to fit an S15? (have standard 6 speed at the moment).
  10. stripping s14 s2 and a s1

    Interested in the SR20DET. Can you give anymore details? Condition? Km's? Been boosted?
  11. Hey all, I just thought I'd post online to give an overview and some background info regarding me looking into getting an RB25DET Neo legally installed into an S15 in Victoria Australia. I have spoken to a few engineers. Some engineers had issues with a newish regulation regarding cars post 1995 with airbags need to be guaranteed that their airbags would deploy with an engine conversion. They can't say without a doubt they would go off without crashing the car. lol. I did however find a couple that were fine with it as long as things like chassis rail and reo bars up the front aren't cut or modified. Once they had provided a VASS the car is taken to Vicroads and essentially sight the change, mod plate, new VIN number and update the records. I'm under the impression no 'real' checking is done at Vicroads once you rock up with a VASS. General requirements from the engineers who said they would pass the conversion; - Engine must have 10mm clearance from all other components. - Replacement crossmember must be well designed, strong and safely installed. - Rubber engine mounts must be used - Stock components on donor engine to ensure it will have standard epa / emissions output. - All brakes, suspension, tyres are safe and up to spec considering the change (as far as I can tell brakes don't need to be upgraded, have good tyres with not ridiculous rims and have some decent suspension and you should be fine). Additional emission info; - Use stock intake from S15, piping need to be made to fit to S15 airbox (had Z32 AFM, this should be fine as it looks near identical to RB25 AFM) - Aftermarket intercooler would be fine (counts as your one intake mod) - Stock turbo, injectors, ECU at time of engineering. - Catalytic converter from an RB25DET vehicle. - Standard-ish / quiet exhaust - No aftermarket blow off valve / boos controller to be installed. My plan was to have the boost controller stealthily installed after engineering. Get a high flowed hypergear turbo, injectors (maybe painted stock colour) and nistune ECU. This should make ~320rwkw on e85 (~280rwkw on 98). Conversion itself CAN be done I believe. Shop I spoke to regarding the change had concerns with 10mm clearance and small things like AC would be removed (car is my daily). Suffice to say there WOULD be work arounds for these but would require more custom work and extra time to be spent on conversion. I don't have a limitless budget to spend on the conversion but I do believe with a little more money ~10-12k total you COULD get all this converted with clearance and everything moved / fitting. Giving you a 'virtually' legal ~320rwkw S15 with a reasonably reliable inline 6 with stronger 5 speed gearbox. Would have been great, and love the idea, unfortunately in the too hard basket for me at the moment with the car being my daily.
  12. I've got a GTX2863R currently installed. Front mount, stock airbox (whole cut in bottom), tomei poncam, 950cc injectors, full exhaust, walbro 416lph pump, Nistune. Running e85. I get a VERY responsive 248rwkw. Stock engine internals, 6 speed gearbox, standard diff. >200,000kms on engine, all running well, I would recommend it.
  13. Updated prices on Vertex bar, and Power FC sold. Steering wheel is still available.
  14. S15 ADM T28 Turbo, Stock injectors

    Turbo is sold pending payment/pickup. Injectors still available.
  15. S15 ADM T28 Turbo, Stock injectors

    Hey all, Upgraded some bits so stock items are up for sale. Nissan 200sx S15 ADM T28 turbo. Never had any issues with it. Condition and shaft play look fine to me. ~190,000kms. $200 Stock S15 480cc Injectors $100 Pickup in Glen Waverley / Clayton area Call / txt on 04 three eight eight eight 1592 Kurt