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  1. VQ30DET 350Z strating issues

    yes it was a direct bolt up, i dont know who installed the motor, the guy i bought it off said he got a cima half cut so id assume thats the ecu, it has no alarm so i should take it to an auto elec?
  2. i have a VQ30DET 350z the VQ is out of a Y33 CIMA heres my problem, i know some haters are goin to shit bag having this motor in this car, whatever, save your breath, its far quicker than the standard VQ35DE motor. some times its a bitch to start, however maby 1 in every 4 it starts first turn of the starter, others i can spend 20 sec cranking it. ive replaced the fule pump, fule filter, changed the plugs and when it does starts it runs fine. as the fule tank is right behing my seat you can hear the pump spluttering like it has air goin through it, i blocked the return line an no spluttering sound, started first click and a again the second time, i thought i had fixed it but then on the third same old story. this happens when the car is hot or cold and i have priming the pump several time has no affect. after replacing the plugs the old plugs are very black when its not starting sometimes it backfires (im not sure if that helps im just tryin to give you as many clues) resetting the ecu did nothing all sparkplugs are black so i dont think its an injector leak yes i have searched this if you suggest an idea that works, ill send you some cash via paypal for a box of beer as a token for my appreciation or can donate that money to this site. ill put some pics but i dont think this is necessary thanks in advance luke
  3. 350Z VQ30DET

    previous owner was loaded, hes now driving a lotus... the VQ30 is less than 7 years old from the pics ive seen online... the newest ones (same as mine) have engine covers etc. unlike previous. what i need to know is how can i tell which model this donk came from ---> F50, Y33, Y34 i need to find this out so i can buy the correct alternator and AC parts and also try to find the wiren diagram to get the gauges fixed... ill try to get some pics up tomoro i appreciate all the input fellas cheers
  4. 350Z VQ30DET

    its QLD registered top secret used the same motor in their 350 http://www.superstreetonline.com/featuredv..._car/index.html
  5. 350Z VQ30DET

    Ok guys this is my first post so go easy on me... I just bought a 2003 350Z track with a VQ30DET She ****ing hooks Current mods: Tien coilovers Turbo back exhaust Air-pod with CIA (all came already fitted when i purchased it) In the next month: FMIC Boost control chip and tune (im not overly keen on making this car super fast as i havnt yet got my licence back from my little run in with the law in my s15) Ive got afew questions.... How can i tell what model Nissan this motor came from? Engine number is –VQ30215064A ß im not sure that will be any help The reason i need to know this is the alternator is rooted and im having trouble finding one. Has anyone that you know of done this conversion before? Does anyone know what turbo Nissan uses on the VQ30det and how much is a safe level, the previous owner said its a T3 if this is correct 14pounds? When i bought the car it currently has no air con, pump or condenser, the reason I ask has anyone done this before is that it is possible that there is no room for AC as it is such a tight fit... The 350s revs tacho, oil pressure and water temp gauges don’t work, is it possible to fix this problem? Im not too fussed with the oil and water gauges as i can replace these with aftermarket but having no tacho shits me on such a new car... So at the moment my main concern is the alternator, AC and getting the gauges fixed... then go fast mods... Ill post some pics of the motor and car soon, its been raining for ages here... Ill also post the dyno printout after the tune. (early jan) Any help is much appreciated guys Thanks in advance Cheers