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  1. Rent Assistance?

    kinda hard to get a job that covers the rent when your studying fulltime plus money from the government is free
  2. Rent Assistance?

    yeah that does make sense. thanks
  3. Rent Assistance?

    yeah thats what i thought... last time i called them they where no help at all.. hopefully i can get someone "local" next time haha anyways thanks for the help..
  4. Rent Assistance?

    i looked all over it but it says the couple amount is just under what a single, with no children would get.. this is why im confused... the maximum rent assistance rate for a single - no children is 116.40 per fortnight maximum for couple - no children is 109.80... But it does not say whether the couple rate is for each person i have called centrelink but the guy had no idea what i meant so that got me no where. just wondering if anyone is receiving the payment currently and if they can help me out...
  5. PSN, can't sign in?

    same here. cant get online at all..
  6. Anyone know if the rate they give for rent assistance for a couple is per person? So for a couple, with no children the maximum payment is 109.80 per fortnight. Does this mean we can expect to get that each? or do we need to share this??
  7. all done. got an angle grinder to the under side of the ignition barrel then hammered it off, hardest part was fiddling with the clips on the handles need very small hands... Thanks for the help. Very happy to drive it again!
  8. Yeah flat battery makes sense now that i think about it... Thanks for the help. I will try and find that tiny screw.
  9. Ok so yesterday somebody has tried to steal my 180.. After stealing my locked away GPS, mangling my drivers side door lock, and completely smashing or snapping the ignition barrel (which they stole aswell???) i was unable to start my car and needed to get a friend to tow it home. Also no electrics are working which i assume is because my immobaliser kicked and blew a fuse or something. Anyways my question are: How do i remove and fit a new ignition barrel and door locks? and Is it likely a blown fuse that is stopping ALL the electrics in the car or do i need to "reset" the immobaliser? My remote will not reset it...
  10. COD 7: Black Ops

    I didnt even get to fire a bullet. Went and bought it, loaded it up and "beep, beep beep" YLOD Just got it repaired the other day and been playing non stop now. How do people rank up so fast??? Im guessing TDM is not the way...
  11. And then the fight started

    lol! they are awesome
  12. Buying Digital Camera

    alright cool thanks for the help
  13. Buying Digital Camera

    thanks mate ill suss it out.