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  1. Cost of Dyno tune?

    Hey qld, Anyone got any idea how much for a Dyno tune is averagely? Cheers
  2. 100k service WRX

    thanks guys! Highly appreciate the response!! You guys are champs!
  3. 100k service WRX

    Wow thanks guys..CNJ...I'll give them a buzz. Lol popping my hood, I don't know where the spark plugs are. I've recently changed my gearbox oil (redline shockproof), new Heavy duty clutch, and bought myself a timing belt kit! But it does look better if I get some professionals to do it. Least my log book will look good when I decide to sell the car lol. Yeah I think I'm due for plugs. Prob get them thru eBay lol.
  4. 100k service WRX

    Hey Guys, Well, im not really familiar to Brisbane as I moved up here from Adelaide. Just wondering if anyone knows of where I could go do my 100k service on my WRX? I still have 3k left before the 100k service..but like to get quotes first. How much will it cost? Ive mainly owned Nissan's my whole driving life. AND they're simple to work on. But need to know about WRXs, These motors look complicated and hard. Doesn't look cheaper to buy parts and do it yourself also. Any recommendations I would highly appreciate.
  5. thats just sad!! thats why i dont take my car anywhere at night and leave it in dark places!
  6. Ok, Well, ive just found out..that the previous oil I had in the WRX was redline shockproof lightweight. Stupid me changed it to Castrol Syntrax last week. Is this why my 3rd gear had started to grind? I replaced my clutch today. Because Subaru said it was the problem, $970 down the drain! And the guy said that my synchro are not that bad!! But why the hell is it grinding? Is Castrol Syntrax not good to use? Subaru recommended it! And still it aint cheap cost me $150 for 5 litres! I just purchased another gallon of shockproof redline gear oil from e-bay for $110! Feel so stupid ever changing my gear oil in the first place!
  7. damn..i remember this....who dug this thread up? hope his family is doing ok!
  8. HQ

    um..f**k HQ! How bout that?
  9. Haunted in my house!

    all pics are taken in complete darkness..and yes i know that dust can create orbs..but when ur taking one pic after another...and they seem to disappear...and reappear...its a whole different experience! My house aint dusty...and..how common is it to take pic of orbs. cuz dust is everywhere! I had to experience it..my psychic says I have a gift to take pics of orbs..I have tried different locations...and they seem to follow me around! The room is where my medium does his reading...notice there are orbs active in the room...taken in darkness! pics of ORBS! If u think its dust..then...believe it then! But some orbs glow like a ball of fire! when nothing is there to the naked eye!
  10. What movie best represents Australia

    jackie chan movie...watchhhhhhhhhhhha!
  11. am i normal

    BREAKING NEWS Mental patient has escaped from Glensides maximum security after ass raping the security guard then eating his flesh after a creamie pie. Beware, might try to spam forums. Man is believed to be gay and dangerous! When approached please take out ur cocks and slap him with it on his face a few times! Then call the RSPCA to have him locked up in the local zoo.
  12. PS3 Launch price

    5 finger discount?