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  1. SD Card confusion

    Awesome phone. I myself got the exact same one for christmas in the orange as well. I took it to bali recently and took some nice photos. It also works well under water as I took mine swimming quite a few times. Yes the speed of the SD card will affect it. I had some old SD cards laying around so thought I'd just take them. One was a Class 2 8gig and I fould every so often it would come up on screen something about "saving to memory card, please wait" and I'd have it sitting there for hours and it wouldnt do anything, not even turn off so i'd have to take the battery out and i'd lose all the photos I previously took. But I now use a class 4 4gig and it works fine even when taking videos.
  2. Spoke to a Nokia rep about when this was coming to australia and he said it wasn't likely coming... so who knows.
  3. The problem is that you may pay $100 for all your bids, yet not even win.

    Yep, new zombies is ridiculously hard. The best we've gotten so far is level 18.
  5. 10kg block of dairy milk chocolate from McDonalds Monopoly years ago
  6. Channel 9 RAW

    And I just saw on the news it's now been reported that she actually didnt see anything! LOL.
  7. Anyone been to Bali?

    ^^^ How much did Waterbom park cost? Is it worth it?? Also how much was bungie jumping?
  8. Anyone been to Bali?

    ^^^ No tvs on the plane??? There better be TVs on the virgin plane i'm on! Did they hand out those video on demand movie boxes at least?
  9. You'll see you're little usb drive in the videos part of the XMB. Press you're triangle button then display all and you'll see the file you want
  10. Anyone have a Motorola Raza 2 V9x mobile?

    I'm guessing it would be the 'application possible' part. Try downloading the song again but a different file to the one you just used. See if that works.
  11. Anyone been to Bali?

    The ladies at the travel agency said all you need is an international drivers license... so as long as you have a normal license here just go to the RAA website, fill out a form for an international license (they last only 12 months) and pay the $25 or whatever it is.
  12. Anyone been to Bali?

    ^^ Hehe. Yer my bro has been to bali a few times and has a personal driver he uses everytime he's there. He said he'll give me his number when I go. He said he's cheap and more than happy to pick you up from anywhere and drop you anywhere and can carry about 10 people which is sweet as there's 9 of us.
  13. Anyone been to Bali?

    I dont have a problem with booking through a travel agency and paying that little bit extra for everything done and calculated up for me. Being that it's my first overseas I'd rather have it all done by someone else. If you go through an agency they've included everything in their quote which is awesome. flights are $419 to get to Bali and $359 to return which I think is pretty good around New years + taxes. The $25 moped insurance that i have through "Cover-more Travel Insurance" says: Which we're all going to get an international drivers licence anyway. It's only around $25.
  14. Anyone been to Bali?

    DISH-oh: We're booking through Escape Travel Agency. Flights are through Virgin Blue and are approx $800 return for when we're going. And yes it is always worthwhile getting travel insurance incase something unforseen happens. Get it early so it includes if you get sick/break a limb before you go and you can't go, it's covered.
  15. Anyone been to Bali?

    Yeh, our travel agency said its not included in the travel insurance, but for $25 extra you can get 'scooter insurance'.