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  1. Seen some wanker in a storm trooper outfit pushing a trolley down pt wakefield rd this morning.


    And another. Could probably make a future meme from some of the screen caps on google. It was actually a pretty brutal cartoon for kids. Main characters dying bloody violent deaths.





    OH MY GOD! Animals of Farthing Wood was my FAVOURITE show as a kid! I've been trying to find it on dvd but cant :(


    And i have no aircon in my car.


    lol what? no air con in the Astra?


    Nah, compressors f**ked.

  2. God, I was tempted to call in work today and quit so I could sleep in!


    It's so f**king hot. I wouldn't be so sooky if it wasnt induction and oh&s this week


    Ergh induction and OHS.... Don't run with scissors, Fire assy, No discrimination, 80% spent on talking about sexual harassment. All disreguarded after 2 weeks of employment.


    Ive never done anything so pointless. Oh well, i'll enjoy my freeride while it lasts