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  1. a test for the noble park riots

    lol that document is funny as..... -James
  2. commodore crashes into my house

    GBear is a new post whoe..... f**ken post whoes cant we block em or somthing?? -James
  3. rotary

    i love rotarys
  4. Airflow meter on s 14

    true that he knows everything...........about pistons... ans... -James
  5. T67

    does this turbo have much lag???? ive heard of it beeing used in a few cars....
  6. my baby is being towed

    if i were u i would put a 20bt in it and f**koff all thoses pos nissan motor .........joking everyone i would go a rb26dett, if ur interested drifto_ex can hook up up nicly...
  7. pics of my interior

    yea i agree with this guy..... -James
  8. What rwkw can i expect?

    more boost, cams, larger turbo t03/t04.... -james
  9. T67

    i dont know much about them but apparently they are used on a few quick rotarys.... i think of the top of my head ther equevalent to a t04e..... -James
  10. Clean S14 HEadlights?

    windex is ur buddy...... apparantly if you are getting a bit of condensation in your headlights drill a hole ontop of the plastic ontop of the headlight so like you cant see the hole unless the bonnet is open.... then hole only need to be very very small..... i know a guy that did this and it worked..... -James
  11. Automatic Transmissions?

    true that!!...... basiclly its for fuel econamy -James
  12. i know that the auto sr20's have distortet timeing so there are heaps slower but i donno about n/a n turbo maybe it couls be the same thing, also if u slpaed a turbo on it you would have to put a de-comp plate because the na motor run heaps more compression. coz if u did slap on a turbo you would have to run heaps less boost.... -James....
  13. little probs with s15

    yea that what i woud do, if the car has only done 65000kms it shouldnt be doing that....
  14. new intercooler

    get 2 series 4 or 5 intercoolers n weld em together they work good.... put ur afm on the cooler piping and if u have a bov rip it off...... -James
  15. Turbo charging SP23

    mmm sounds good they whould have just put a 13bturbo awd that would be cool....... -James