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  1. legal bride seats?

    ok thanks guys, i thought maybe the ergo or something may have been, might look into recaros or just leave as is, not sure what im doing with the car as yet, trying to sell it
  2. legal bride seats?

    hi guys im just trying to find out if there are any variants of the bride seats that are legal to install eg have adr approval etc? any help would be appreciated
  3. s13 master clutch

    i just had this problem, kudos motorsports have genuine replacements, use direct sr20 replacement and best to replace slave at same time as you will proably find once u replace the master if you dont do the slave you will bust a seal pretty quick-think was about 220 all up delivered for master and a slave-try emailing to bargain a price instead of buying online straight up
  4. Tick tick

    if its constant and gets louder as you rev higher-exhaust gasket is split
  5. s13 sr20 fuel cut

    need more fuel, running higher boost with the stock fuel set up will cause it to run lean, i rekon get a better fuel pump in there and should be good

    did the clutch slip before it went? like if u accelerate would it rev easy but not really go anywhere and where was ur clutch engaging before it went?
  7. Slowww SR20de

    did you have the det changed to a de or did u actually do an engine swap?
  8. odd brake behaviour

    squeal could be caused by the rotors if they havnt been replaced in a while-could be some crap on them, tried cleaning with brake cleaner? or mite be warped etc