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[NSW] 2002 200SX Spec S GT with Twin Scroll BorgWarner + lots more !

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Hi guys,

Time has come to part with my beloved. The epitome of all my dreams... because I want to pursue more manly dreams (Property + the like). Bank has told me I need to demonstrate genuine savings la di da so I have to look at liquidating all my toys to make this happen sad.png


FYI, I'm in no way desperate to acquire a property so if this doesn't sell for the right price, the property can wait.


2002 (Oct) Nissan 200SX Spec S GT

3rd owner

61,000km with Logbooks (Verified by Ryde Nissan)

GT edition with leather front seats, sports pedals & the same rear spoiler as the JDM model

Spec R side skirts fitted by dealership pre-delivery, making it identical to a Spec R GT but without the headroom-robbing sunroof



89.5mm bore Darton dry sleeved block (2.164L capacity)

Custom Mahle 89.5mm 9.5:1 CR forged pistons with custom pin height to suit longer rods & custom dish shape to retain quench area.

Manley forged H beam 143mm (Honda H22 length) rods with big end width machined to SR20 width (Improves rod:stroke ratio from 1.58:1 to 1.66:1).

ARP head studs, rod bolts & main studs

ACL Race Series bearings

Combustion chambers enlarged to match the larger cylinders, hugely de-shrouding the valves. Quench pads were retained in full.

All ports sanded to an even finish but not enlarged to maximise low-down torque. Only the tight radius in the exhaust ports had some material removed to improve flow.

Haltech Platinum Pro plug-in ECU

Ported plenum/intake manifold

Tomei Poncam Stage 1 camshafts

Tomei rocker arm stoppers

60mm JDM N/A SR20 throttle body

Nismo 740cc injectors

Nismo in-tank fuel pump

BorgWarner EFR 7064 .92 with turbine housing modified for external gate, keeping the scrolls divided all the way to the waste gate valve

Low mount twin scroll equal length short runner exhaust manifold

Plazmaman ‘700hp’ water to air intercooler system

Factory air con condenser modified as a radiator for the water to air intercooler system


3” dump/front pipe, tapering to 2.5” further back the exhaust to reduce noise without sacrificing performance (Main exhaust only needs to flow turbine gas which is around 70% of the total exhaust gas, making it possible to run this smaller size & keep it quiet off boost).

2” screamer pipe with muffler

ASI 42mm alloy radiator

Power steering pump relocated to Air Con compressor location to allow room for the large low mount turbo

Nismo engine & gearbox mounts

Engine & gearbox relocated 35mm rearward for improved weight distribution & shifter position. Tailshaft shortened to suit

Shifter boot from a JDM N/A 5 speed S15 to suit the more rearward shifter position

Nismo Super Coppermix Twin twin-plate clutch (Drives like factory & silent operation)

Nismo 3rd gear, 4th gear & mains haft. Other gears are not known to break


Tein Mono Flex coil overs with 5kg/mm front & 4kg/mm rear springs swapped in

Reinforced & braced caster rod brackets

Inner lower control arm pivots relocated 25mm higher

Inner caster rod pivots relocated 20mm higher

Steering rack relocated 8mm higher & 20mm forwards to correct tie rod geometry after roll centre correction & caster increase

Ikeya Formula roll centre adjuster front lower control arm & caster rod kit

SuperLap bump steer corrector tie rod ends

Custom Engineered to Slide front knuckles (very mild steering speed increase as well as ackerman reduction & bump steer correction)

SuperPro steering rack bushes

Raised & solid mounted rear subframe

Rear subframe reinforced & braced

Whiteline rear camber arms

SuperPro offset rear traction arm & toe arm bushes

R33/R34 GTR rear swaybar


R33 GTS25t brakes front & rear (rear drum handbrake conversion)

DBA 4000 front slotted rotors

QFM A1RM brake bads front & rear

Yokohama Advan RS 17x8 ET37 front & 17x9.5 ET25 rear

Custom hub centering 4mm front & 5.5mm rear wheel spacers

Kumho KU36 215/45R17 front

Falken FK452 245/40R17 rear

Rear guards flared


Driver’s seat lowered 20mm to allow more head room

Apexi 60mm boost gauge installed in one on the three centre vents

Pioneer MVH-8350BT headunit

JL Audio XD500/3 3-channel amplifier

Focal PS 165 front split speakers

Dynamat used in doors

Alpine SBR-S83V 8” subwoofer with compact ported enclosure

Deka AGM battery

Battery & amplifier mounted out of the way behind the rear seat

Alarm system


$27,900 ONO

Carsales Ad : http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-200SX-2002/SSE-AD-3504868/?Cr=2









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That's one hell of a tasteful list of mods and looks clean.


Do you mind me asking;


how you lowered the drivers seat? Cut foam, adjusted bottom spring support or rail modification?

and what power did you make with the bog warmer?

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Hi champ,


The seat was lowered through a rail modification.


The Turbo is set to 14psi on the Haltech. Have not even tried to push this car to it's limits yet as I'm quite satisfied with the power. With that the car is pulling 258.7RWKW and 738NM of Tractive Effort at 3100rpm.

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Price Drop! + Carsales Ad link updated!

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Not at that price mini plumbs. Cars are not selling even if they have all the work done like yours. Good luck bruz

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Thanks for the compliments guys!

Car is now SOLD !!!!

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